While next generation BlackBerry OS7 smartphones are channeling out, RIM is in the lab working on its newest device lineup. Announced at the AGM, RIM stated we would begin to see QNX SuperPhones hit the market in early 2012 which in reality, isn’t too long from now. According to reports,  at launch the first QNX BlackBerry smartphone which has been rumored to be codenamed “Colt” would hit the market with no BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) support.

It turns out that “the integration of BES/BIS email/calendar is proving difficult,” wrote Peter Misek, an analyst from Jefferies & Company. “We think a QNX phone without these would be a disaster,” but this is sounding more and more likely with each passing day. No support of BlackBerry Enterprise Server would be huge, rendering the phone virtually unusuable by many corporate customers. And corporate/enterprise is RIM’s bread and butter.

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Via Mobile Mag