What flew off as rumors yesterday about the first BlackBerry 10 device’s name has taken a turn and has left a lot of people confirming that the rumored name is official. The leak came from Unwired View saying, unofficially, the BlackBerry L-Series would be named  BlackBerry Z10 after launch. According to the leak, RIM is dropping its traditional four digits modeling to simple alphabets followed by OS number.

Well we cannot exactly confirm that rumour, but our friends over at BBin believe the mention of the official device as the BlackBerry Z10 (pronounced ‘zee’ 10) by Mike Genovese, Managing Director at MKM Partners on Fox News is pretty much confirmation. It is convincing though, well, there is more suspense for all those who can’t wait to get their hands on the first BlackBerry 10 device. Click the image or the link below to watch Mike Genovese talking about BlackBerry 10 on Fox News:

bb z10View video here

Source: BBin