Droid Store, another native Google Play Store app for BlackBerry 10 has become available, this one seems to work a little better than the previous native app we mentioned last week. This app takes the tokens used in this how-to and turns it into a native app which makes it a lot easier to pull apk files from the Google Play Store.

Features of the app:

This is Droid Store – A Native Google Play Store Client for BlackBerry 10.
Supports In-App Downloading, Downloading Speed, Direct Install in the App, Change Dark or Light Theme. Search and Refresh. Remove Downloaded APKS. You can see the Size of the App, Ratings, Description, Icon in Full Screen, Checks if Paid or Free App. View Developers Apps, View the app overview in Google Play.

* Can’t Download Paid Apps
* Can’t Sign In (Will be in future version)

REQUIRES BlackBerry 10.2.1 with APK Installer

Droid Store(v1.0)

[B ] Droid Store(v1.1)[/B]
– Permanent Token – Stable In App Downloading

Latest Version Available (v1.2.1) – Added Force Download Button – Incase In App Downloading Server Is Down

Does require sideloading of the bar file.

Let us know how it works out for you!