More positive news for BlackBerry as Daisy Distribution will unveil details of a new points-based BlackBerry 10 promotion for dealers at its Evolving Solutions event on Thursday that could see them each earn up to £1,000. The distribution company is looking for an uplift in sales for both BlackBerry 10 devices and BES10 licenses, an uplift of 50% sales to be exact.

The promotion will last from February 1 and run until April 30, more details on the promotion will take place this Thursday during the Evolving Solutions event. Another win for BlackBerry, just yesterday we reported the Pentagon’s decision to add 80,000 BlackBerry devices starting on January 31st.

Daisy Distribution marketing director Julien Parven said:

“The whole concept is designed to increase the sales of BlackBerry10 devices, promoting the new BES10.2 cloud service providing customers with a multi-platform MDM solution, while also raising awareness and sales of BlackBerry T-Support. We are looking to see a 50 per cent uplift in sales during the incentive period.”

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