BlackBerry: We’re Not Up For Sale, Business Will Remain As Usual


While BlackBerry is still exploring strategic alternatives, BlackBerry’s India managing director Sunil Lalvani says the company is not for sale, BUT could be sold in an appropriate deal. Pretty much meaning the company doesn’t have a for sale sign up they are just open to certain situations that would allow them to grow and move forward as a company. See what Sunvil Lavnai had to say:

“I wouldn’t deny that (impact of the sellout announcement on operations in India). It did have a little bit effect on sentiments in the market because people started assuming that we are up for sale,” managing director Sunil Lalvani said.

“I will categorically say that we’re not up for sale, but we’re up for evaluating strategic alternatives which could include a possible sale,” he clarified, adding that the company will continue to roll out products and services aimed at business growth – globally and in India.

With that being said, business will indeed remain as usual but just like any business whatever is best for the company meaning if they feel a sale or no sale should be made we won’t know because BlackBerry hasn’t come to an agreement with any companies of a certain buyout or a break out.