Last Tuesday, a British electronics distribution specialist Context claimed that the BlackBerry PlayBook outsold the latest iPad during the last two months of 2012. Although this might receive a lot of skepticism, it is important to note that the sales channels monitored by Context make up most of the electronics distribution in the UK, so this serves to give an outlook on the growing interest in the BlackBerry PlayBook.

According to Context, the PlayBook shifted 160,000 units and the latest-generation iPad 113,000 units over the Christmas period, giving RIM a fairly substantial lead. All iPad models combined sold 203,000 units. Of course it’s important to note that the recommended retail price of the PlayBook was £129 while the fourth-generation iPad starts at £399, but this data emphasizes an important shift in the market.

This could be because RIM dropped the PlayBook’s price or maybe because the hype around BlackBerry caught on in the UK. Either way this is great news for RIM.

Source: BGR

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