BlackBerry lays off 90 employees, shuts down Ottawa Product Development Centre


The Product Development Centre at BlackBerry’s Ottawa office, responsible for development of BlackBerry 10 OS, the Z10 and other products have been laid off. 

The Ottawa office caters to 1000 employees, in which 90 of them have been given the axe, effectively shutting down the Product Development Centre hardware group. This particular group designed the BlackBerry 10 OS, the Z10 and the BlackBerry Bold.

This particular news isn’t exactly new, as this just comes as part of the 40% reduction workforce cuts that was announced last year, rounding that number up to 7600 employees worldwide working for BlackBerry. Whilst workforce cuts are never nice, we thank and commend the Product Development Centre at the Ottawa office for their hard work and dedication. We wish them luck for the future.

Source: MobileSyrup