BlackBerry Jam Direct to be held on Wednesday December 4, 2013 at 2 pm EST. While BlackBerry Jam Europe 2014 was canceled that didn’t stop the BlackBerry Dev team to from hosting another developer related event, their next event will be focused on the BlackBerry Runtime for Android.

Here is what BlackBerry had to say:

We’re committed to helping Android developers deliver a best-in-class apps experience to BlackBerry 10 users. So we’re thrilled to announce that we are holding a BlackBerry Jam Direct virtual conference focused on Android. This event is designed to help you understand how the BlackBerry Runtime for Android apps 10.2.1 release supports your development efforts and helps you get your apps in front of BlackBerry users faster.

Register today to make sure your spot is reserved. Head on over to the BlackBerry Dev Blog to get all the details on this event.