Bold 9720

The BlackBerry Classic, otherwise once known as the “Q20” is expected to hit store shelves around November this year. CEO John Chen said whilst being interviewed by USA Today.

Along with the BlackBerry Z3, the BlackBerry Classic was announced at MWC in February, but nothing else was shown nor announced such as specs (other than the Z3 being shown off). However, what was mentioned was that the  BlackBerry Classic will rock the trackpad that was pretty much seen on all BlackBerry’s until the Z10 was launched, along with BlackBerry’s iconic keyboard including running on the BlackBerry 10 OS.

You can expect the device to receive a formal launch by November, keeping on track of the “second half of 2014” timeframe which was given by John Chen back in Feb.

If anything, since BB10 is all gesture based, I’m dead keen on knowing how the trackpad will work with BlackBerry 10. Nonetheless, the interview given by John Chen, whilst speaking to USA Today is a pretty good read.

Are you excited for the BlackBerry Classic? Raise your hand and let it be known then!

Source: USA Today