Earlier today we brought you the news that RIM was suffering a major outage across Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA).

Well I am pleased to say that after almost 17hrs it looks like full service has been restored, The full reason for the outage has not yet been given but…

It has been rumoured that this outage was caused by an underlying issue with RIM’s server infrastructure in it’s Slough (UK) based data centre.

A former RIM employee has told the Guardian that RIM has been ignoring problems with its server architecture that could prove its downfall for years.

“They didn’t start looking at scalability until about 2007, when they had around 8m active devices,” the former employee said: “The attitude was, ‘We’re going to grow and grow but making sure our infrastructure can support it isn’t a priority.’ They have their own clunky infrastructure to do something that you don’t really need a clunky infrastructure to do anymore.”

As soon as we get a clear answer from RIM about the reason behind the outage we will let you all know, For now we can all jump back from the stone age and start getting back to normal.

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Quote Source:  The Guardian