Social media marketing relies heavily on new technology to thrive and as new platforms, products and ideas hit the market… old ones are bowing out gracefully, or not so gracefully, into that big iCloud in the sky. As we move into the future of social media marketing, we also find ourselves moving toward the new technology that supports social platform’s very existence. From the loss of old favorites to products coming out something once entirely digital, here are a few of the things we are going to say goodbye to, a couple of things we are going to say hello to and how you can utilize the good and the bad to make the most of your marketing efforts for the year ahead…

Here Lies Twitter: Your Favorite Information Highway May Be Coming to a Dead End.

Experts have long been predicting the end of Twitter for some time now and while no one anticipates it to be going anywhere anytime this year or even in the following year, it does seem as though Twitter is becoming the MySpace of its era. Why? At first, Twitter was simply fire, wasn’t it? Everyone was quick to hop on board because not only was it was fun, it was fast paced and wildly innovative. We loved it because it gave us a new experience and changed the way that we connected on very basic, yet still complex, levels.

Much like a new toy that loses its shine, the 140 character messages that were coming in at warp speed lost their luster. As fast as information was leaving our hands, it was coming back to us ten-fold and the problem is that after so many years, that simply became too overwhelming. Now, we are seeing the boom of the “less is more” age… where less really is more. Sites like Instagram are slowly taking the place of Twitter where users can upload just one image a day and still stay current with their following. While you shouldn’t give up on your Twitter accounts just yet, you should begin to pay more attention to sites like Instagram where you can invest less and get more return on your future marketing efforts. This way, if Twitter does bite the big one, you are covered.

Snap is Becoming a Living-Breathing Product… Are You Ready?

Snap, previously known as Snapchat, exploded in recent years and gained a HUGE following from everyone from school kids to celebrities. Even some of the most prominent and serious public figures, even politicians, were quick to get in on new filters for their mobile, taking every opportunity to connect with their audiences and stay current on new trends. Thanks to its new-found fame, Snap announced late last year that it was going to be moving towards new, ambitious arenas in the tech field. Its most talked about idea to date being wearable IRL glasses that would allow users to capture a look at life through their eyes. Not only does this sound incredibly new and different, it is going to provide marketing teams with a whole new way to reveal their company’s mission. This is especially true for brands who sell an experience and not just a product.

Vine is Gone. Enter 360-Degree Videos.

Much to the dismay of many teenagers who post countless snippets of kittens in bathtubs, Vine is no more. However, 360-degree videos are incoming quickly to pick up the slack and many companies have already grabbed hold of what they have to offer. This trend is just taking off from the launching pad, so if you have not yet began to utilize these new tools into your marketing line up… now is the time to get on board. If you jump at the opportunity, you have the chance to be one of the pioneers of this promising marketing tool that just might change the way the world sees your brand – from ALL angles.

Live Feeds are Going to Feed Viewer Curiosity.

It’s a real-life Truman Show this year with live feeds taking over YouTube, bringing us things like the Presidential Inauguration, newsworthy moments and even award ceremonies from all around the globe. Thanks to technology, we are all becoming interconnected in ways that we once only imagined. Now, we can share moments as strangers from anywhere in the world and become a part of history… even if we are partaking in historical moments from our sofas. Smart, streetwise companies will be grabbing hold of live feeds with both hands this year and in the coming years. Experts are calling live feeds the wave of the future. If you haven’t already, start looking for new ways to integrate live videos into your marketing efforts even if this means creating your own newsworthy events. Like 360-degree video, you have a chance to be a part of something huge if you jump on board now.

The future is now and while we will not see every change happening in one swift swoop, now is the time to prepare for tomorrow’s social world and the technology that comes with it. If we are willing to do the grunt work now, technology will do the brunt of the work for us as we move forward. We just have to be willing to try the next new thing, be unafraid of failure and get excited about building new platforms from the ground up. After all, from the ground up… there’s only one way to go.