We all know that BlackBerry has been trying to make things easier and easier for everyone to login in to any account they may have with them. Well today we have some news for all you BlackBerry developers out there that have a vendor account.

Beginning April 15th you will now be able to just use your BlackBerry ID that you already use to sign into all of your other BlackBerry products. This will make things so much easier for all of you and if nothing else it’s one less password to remember.

Here’s the email that BlackBerry has sent out.

Dear Valued Vendor,

We have some exciting news to share with you!

Beginning on April 15, 2013, you will be able to conveniently sign-in to your BlackBerry® World™ vendor account using your existing BlackBerry ID! You’ll no longer need to remember and manage multiple account credentials. Access all BlackBerry applications, services and websites using just one sign on: BlackBerry ID.

How will this work?
The new BlackBerry World login page will walk you through the process. During the sign-in, you will be asked to link your vendor account to your BlackBerry ID. From there on, you will use your BlackBerry ID to sign-in to your vendor account.

Create your BlackBerry ID
If you don’t already have a BlackBerry ID or you wish to create a new one, visit now and follow the onscreen instructions.

Happy Development,
BlackBerry World Team