BBM for Windows Phone is coming preloaded on the Nokia Lumia 630


BBM, already gone cross platform on iOS and Android and is also expected for a Windows Phone release within the Summer timeframe. However, one source claims that BBM is coming preloaded on the Nokia Lumia 630, particularly the Indonesia release of the phone.

The Nokia Lumia 630 has already been released in some parts of the world, including the UK. However, there hasn’t been any solid news regarding BBM’s Windows Phone release other than the summer timeframe. Previous rumours said BBM for Windows Phone could have arrived has early as May.  However, one Reddit user under the username ziyadgamal posted the picture below which shows the Nokia Lumia 630 along with four notable big name apps and games, including BBM

BBM Nokia Lumia 630


I did a little bit of digging and the above which reads “Aplikasi Favorit untuk LUMIA” translates to “Favorite Apps for Lumia”. With BBM for Windows Phone not officially released and with the Nokia Lumia 630 not released yet in Indonesia, we can only expect an imminent press release being sent out by both companies announcing not only the phone, but with BBM preloaded on the device.

The more users, the better, I say.

Source: TechGreatest via Jeruknipis