BBM for Android on Google Play surpasses 50 million downloads



This is interesting. Whilst I was checking out the top free list for Android apps and games via Snap for BlackBerry 10, I happened to notice that the number of downloads on BBM on Google Play how now reached 50-100 million downloads.

BBM for Android was released in October 2013 and whilst initial downloads were strong, the number of downloads began to slow down and Google Play has BBM having only 10 million downloads up until now.


Official numbers regarding BBM was 85 million active users per month and 115 million subscribers. The good news from this piece of news is that we now know that BBM is steadily increasing by the numbers and if this Google Play figure is any indication, the numbers in the next quarter should be go. BBM on Google Play also sits in at #6 on the Top Free in Communication category.

I don’t know if the iTunes store shows any figures like Google Play does and this was checked on the Google Play Store in the UK, other countries may show differently.